NEW *Dimmable* HT-60W-24V-LED-DIM3 Power Supply for Both LEDs and Halogen Lights

NEW <b>*Dimmable*</b> HT-60W-24V-LED-DIM3 Power Supply for <b>Both LEDs and Halogen Lights</b>
Item# HT-60W-24V-LED-DIM3

This UL Approved dimmable universal electronic power supply can be used to power LED Strips, LED Bulbs, Incandescent & Halogen Bulbs!

Driver/Transformer Info
Part Number: HT-60W-24V-LED-DIM3
0-60Watt Max Class2
Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.15in x 2.00 x 1.70
Input 120V AC, 0.5A 50/60Hz
Output 24V DC, 2.5A MAX.
Weight 401.5g
Dimensions Efficiency higher than 85%
Power Factor >98%
Case TC* 90C Max
Protection Input/ Output: Short Circuit and Overload Protected
Storage -30C/ +90C
Humidity 95% RH max
IP Rating IP 60
Standard Dimming ELV Dimmable
ETL Listed Unit and UL Recognized Component

Isolated output power per NEC and UL safety requirements
UL recognized, meet UL 2108 requirements
Auto-reset; Short circuit, Overload and Thermal protection
Soft start
Dimmable and available with special dimming features
Low profile, small compact design to fit in most enclosures