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Led Drivers
  Halogen Transformers Lightech 120V/12V AC 60 Watt Constant Current
  LED Drivers Hatch 120V/12V DC 75 Watt Constant Voltage
    HT & Wang House 120V/24V AC 80 Watt  
      230V/12V AC & DC 105 Watt  
      240V/12V AC 150 Watt  
      277V/12V AC 200 Watt  
        230 Watt  
        300 Watt  


Important Info Regarding Our Low Voltage Electronic Halogen Transformers

Please verify that you test any electronic transformer purchased with a load. You CANNOT use a meter to test the output.

- 60/75W transformer must have at least 20W on the output.
- 105/150W transformer must have at least 50W on the output.
- 200/300W transformer must have at least 100W on the output.

Our online catalog is arranged in different categories such as brand, voltage, wattage, LED drivers, and lighting HID ballasts. You can easily find what you need depending on the information known about the specific transformer required. In addition to a broad range of lighting brands, we also offer many different lighting transformer discounts. Our top selling low voltage transformers from Lightech and Hatch are needed for low voltage lighting, such as halogen and xenon light bulbs. View the product description pages for more information and dimension specifications about each transformer. online store has been designed to be user friendly for a convenient shopping experience. Shopping is always secure on our website. We protect our customers’ information with industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. If you prefer, you can give us a call and place the order over the telephone during regular business hours.