RS12-300 (12V/300W) Hatch Halogen Lighting Electronic Transformer

RS12-300 (12V/300W) Hatch Halogen Lighting Electronic Transformer
Item# RS12-300
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THIS ITEM IS OUT OF STOCK. Our HT-300W-12VAC is a great replacement for this unit. Click here to check its specifications and price.

Our dimmable RS12-300 12Volts/300Watts hatch electronic low voltage halogen lighting transformer can be dimmed by low cost TRIAC dimmers without producing any acoustic noise, which is a common problem for other electronic transformers. The most compatible dimmers for our low voltage transformers are “trailing edge” or “reverse phase” wall dimmers which are commonly called electronic low voltage dimmers.

Electronic Low Voltage Transformer Product Features:

• High Reliability
• Moisture Resistant
• Emits No Audible Noise
• Low Harmonic Dsitortion
• High Power Factor
• Lightweight, Compact Design
• Small Case Size
• Works with most commercially available dimmers. Hardwire electronic dimmers are recommended for optimum performance.

Environmental Specifications:

• Max. Case Temp: 80°C
• Min. Starting Temp: -30°C
• Sound Rating: A+
• Operating Humidity: 95% relative humidity
• Environmental Protection: Epoxy Sealed for moisture resistance and shock/vibration resistance
• Safety Listing: Class P Type 1 outdoor

Electrical/Mechanical Specifications:

• Dimensions (L x W x H): 6.41" x 1.70" x 1.27"
• Input: 120V AC - 50/60 Hz
• Output: 11.5V/AC
• Enclosure Material: Metal
• Weight: 12.8 oz.
• Power Factor: > 0.95
• Operating Frequency: 25KHz
• Input Leads: 6", 18AWG Stranded, 105°C Stripped 3/8" finned
• Output Leads: 6", 12 AWG Stranded, 105°C Stripped 3/8" finned